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Working From Home & Juggling The Kids Homework - Do You Have Your Space Sorted?

February 11 2021 – Jayne Graham

Times are a changin’! Most of us are working from home and the kids are schooling online from home now and again (hopefully not so often soon!), and when they are back at school they need a good space set up for homework and study.  Also many of us don't have a separate room to dedicate to an office so we need to find a space in our living room or bedroom. So, we have put together a few mood boards to help with ideas for a home office within an existing space or for an actual room which you can make an office. Do you have your space sorted?

I have recently had to rearrange my kids rooms to include bigger desks as they are both in high school and also sort out a more permanent solution for my husband as we went into lockdown again! Even though it was short lived, we have decided to include a permanent space for him to work just in case, plus I think he quite likes getting his cup of tea and lunch made fresh... he does also do this for me which is pretty special as I am usually making it for myself during my work day!

Anyway I digress! I thought I would put a few mood boards together for the home office / study with some of our lovely products to help make it easy if you are contemplating a new space.

Working from Home Space 1. - Sharing Your Office With An Existing Room.

These pieces I put together with the idea that you don't have a separate room for an office, so they are pieces that will look great in your living room, bedroom or any room you need to make your "working from home space".

Home Office Furniture

Our Pop Up Desks are perfect for this option as they look great all the time, but if you need to pack it away if you have guests, they can be disassembled and reassembled in minutes, with no tools required! Their sleek and modern appearance also means they are great in any styled room.

Add in one of the matching Pop Up Desk bookcases and these will house your office notebooks and files whilst also housing your gorgeous homewares, very versatile!

If you are using space in an existing room another great tip is to use table lighting that matches your existing rooms aesthetic. For example if you have a coastal vibe, add a rattan table lamp.

One other great tip for when using an existing room is to use the Mustard Made metal baskets for office items, again if you need to remove these when guests visit they will keep all of your office items together and can be moved in one quick sweep of the room! Perfect!

Home Office 2. - Teenagers Study Area Within Their Room.

Creating a space for teenagers in their rooms where they feel comfortable to study is important! The essentials are a desk, storage and good lighting. Oh and don't forget a big wall clock so they don't miss the bus or try to use the excuse of not knowing the time when it is time to go to bed!

Home Office Furniture

Our Incy Estelle Desks have been popular with teenagers due to the slim line design.  It provides a great space for the books and looks good! Not a daggy old wooden desk that "mum used to use"!

Also the Mustard Made Skinny Lockers are great way to store their school accessories - bags, uniforms, books, sports gear!  They come in a selection of great colours too, so you can really have fun with either adding a pop of colour or letting them choose a calming colour for their room, so many options!

A great floor rug under their work space is also a great idea to provide comfort when they are spending hours on study and homework.  It can also be used to separate the space in their room if they are wanting to have a "study area".  The one in this mood board (OHH Cotton Berber Going Dotty Round) is actually also washable in your own machine, so perfect for high traffic areas or for dropped crumbs from afternoon tea, even though they aren't meant to eat in their rooms!

Home Office 3. - A Little More Permanent.

Ideally we could all have enough room in our homes for a permanent home office! And if you do we would highly recommend buying pieces that last the test of time as you will be in it quite a bit and quality is important.

Here we suggest our Manto Desk - timber and two drawers.  Streamlined but also practical with the drawers. It is also a little bit bigger than the other pop up desks we have suggested as assuming this is a room dedicated to a home office, we are assuming more space.

The floor rug is a Tribe Home Cesar which is low pile and looks great! These come in a few different sizes which means you have a few options, just in case you need to cover a larger area.  

We have also provided a drop pendant light option here, with this mood board based on the idea of a more permanent space, you can have a little design fun with pendant lights over your desk.

Again the trusty Mustard Made Lockers make an appearance as these really are a great solution in any home office! Perfectly suited for home office storage!

Well we hope you enjoyed these three moodboards for a bit of inspiration when it comes to working from home! It seems to be something that the world is changing towards and we are all needing a space at home to work/study or just do household admin! Why not make it look good.

Enjoy, Jayne x