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Bundles of Joy! Kids Room Inspiration, From Babies to Teenagers.

January 14 2021 – Jayne Graham

From newborns, to young siblings sharing a room, to teenagers wanting their own space, bedroom interior choices are endless.  And, let's face it, great fun to decorate and plan if you have the time.  I'm not sure what you are like, but I find I change my kids rooms up a few times a year.  Not the big furniture pieces but the placement of furniture and smaller homewares ... so much fun!

So I thought I would share with you a few interior inspiration moodboards and talk kids bedrooms!

Let's start with The Nursery!

Oh the sleepless nights and constant feeding, what a joy! Whilst you are going through this stage, you might as well have a stylish room to go into every 2 hours and a cosy oasis for bub.


Our go to for nursery furniture is Incy Interiors.  Our best seller is the Maxwell Walnut cot and change table.  The cot is also convertible into a toddler bed, making it super practical and the change table top can be taken off and used as drawers for many years!  The walnut and rattan edges make it quite retro too, and timeless.  It also comes in white and as a bassinet!


The other must have in a nursery is a soft under foot floor rug, for both your feet, as you will always be in this room, and to have that all important tummy time!  Our Oh Happy Home Cotton Berber Floor Rugs are perfect for this as they can also be washed in your own washing machine! They are also great for kids with allergies as they are chemical free.


Bedding is also something that is always a great way to brighten or soften a room.  For a nursery, cot and bassinet sheets are usually what you are given as presents or hand me downs, but if you ever want a special set of linen ones check out Bedtonic's collection! Beautiful! And the colour range is small but gorgeous.

Now talking brightening a nursery, have you seen the Karina Jambrak animal prints? Gorgeous illustrations adding some fun and mischief to the room!


And with most baby rooms, and toddlers really, a night light is a must.  Our collection of LIVLY night lights are perfect for any room. Creating a constant comforting glow throughout the night.


Sharing a Room!

As a child I had to share a room with my sister or brother until I was at least 12. There were four of us kids in the family, so sharing was a necessity until one day we got a house that meant we could all have a room each! I remember that day clearly as I was so excited about decorating my room how I wanted it! Whilst I was sharing however it was compromise ... or mainly constant arguments really!  The below moodboard is to hopefully inspire some decorating tips for a shared bedroom, this one I did based on a brother and sister sharing hence the more neutral tones, but with a pop of colour via Mustard Made lockers!

King singles are always the best!  Bunk beds are great, but not so great when the kids are ready to have their own room.  We have used the Twist bed by Sounds Like Home furniture, they are very solid and natural wood provides a really neutral colour for the key pieces in the room.  Bedtonic's marine ticking (striped) linen bedding is perfect for both sexes, and is actually great if you ever need to use the room as a guest room (which I find I do alot!) as the stripes are timeless! 

Wall art is where you can have a lot of fun in a kids room.  The Pony Rider wall banners are pretty cool and perfect for kids rooms!



Now you can't go past our favourites, Mustard Made Lockers, for your kids room.  The perfect storage solution. For any age really, from bub to teenager, they will all love them.  There is a perfect colour and size for every kid!


Older Boys Room (say from 10yrs +)

This is for the boy that is maturing but isn't quite at the teenage stage yet.  It is however designed to work from when they are younger but perfect as they grow older too!  I have always loved the neutral tones of grey, black and white.  By using these as the main colours it allows you to add a pop of another colour like olive or mustard or even light blue to change things up a bit! Whatever tickles their fancy really.

Again the Incy Interior metallic bedframes in king single have been popular for this age.  My son has the Louis and loves it! They also come in two heights so a toddler can use it as their first bed but then put it up higher as they grow! 

If you don't have wardrobe space then check out the Mustard Made Skinny Lockers, perfect for hanging school clothes and stuffing sports gear into! Sorry, placing sports gear neatly into (who are we kidding right!).

A few black and white funky prints are a great addition to an older boys room.  Our Blackhaus Studio prints offer many options from surfing, camping and outdoors to basketball images, they have a great collection! These prints are made to order which means you can also choose the frame colour to suit the room.


Talking black and white and greys, Pony Rider has an awesome collection of decorative throw cushions, in cool and funky designs which have a bit of an adventurous and outdoorsy feel to the design. Perfect for the neutral colour pallette, yet adding a sense of personality to the room.

Wall Clocks - this is something not everyone thinks about until the end! However our One Six Eight London wall clocks provide a great range of colours and sizes. I can't guarantee however that it will make your child on time or ready for school when you need them!


Girls Rooms

Well I couldn't not do a pretty girls room.  I know it is cliché but I'm doing it! Pinks and pastels!

Again, a winner is the Eden Rose Gold Bed by Incy Interiors.  We try to have these always in stock as they go quickly! The rose gold is what makes you want to use the gorgeous pinks and pastels as it is so pretty!

Our Lazybones Rosette Tuscan Rose quilts and pillow cases in twin will make any girls room feel luxurious! The best thing about these quilts is that they are not too  heavy so perfect all year round.  You just need to use an extra layer in winter if you get too cold!


A round floor rug at the end or side of the bed depending on the shape of the room is always a nice touch to soften the room with curves.  Again Oh Happy Home do the washable rugs in the Going Dotty round, but a good Jute rug is also a winner in a kids room due to the durability.


Blackhaus Studios also have some great female prints! Just incase you like to make a statement!



Well whatever the age of your children it is always fun decorating their rooms.  Most of the time you can do this on a budget too as the homewares aren't to expensive.  I would however ensure that you get quality furniture items like beds and dressers as these can last the test of time and grow old with your kids if chosen wisely! I do hope this has provided some inspiration for you to start having fun designing your kids rooms. 

Enjoy, Jayne x