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Style Your Home Like a Coastal Retreat, Country Farmhouse or Boutique Hotel and Holiday at Home! Everyday!

December 01 2020 ‚Äď Jayne Graham

Have you ever wanted your home to look and feel like a holiday home all the time?  Either a stylish coastal feel, luxe boutique hotel or that country farmhouse you covet every time you read Country Life?  Well it can! 

Ok, so if you are like me you might be thinking, yeah right, I have kids running around making a mess and it may look great for a minute and then a bomb site the next!  Well, the furniture pieces and homewares I am going to share with you today are quality items that are made to last the test of time (maybe not if climbed all over) but they are definitely family proof and are great for the family home.

Lets look at three different styles you can achieve at home with some of our gorgeous brand partners - Coastal Retreat, Country Farmhouse and Boutique Hotel.  To be honest I would love a bit of each in my home, I do love eclectic styles so I could do this, but lets stick to each one separately for now.


You don't have to live by the beach to have a coastal retreat!  You can turn any space into a calming and tranquil oasis.  Looking at styles of furniture and homewares with a mix of boho and beachy influence, with earthy tones and luxurious whites is a starting point.  Also by bringing natures colours of sand, shells and ocean inside, also helps to create a gorgeous Coastal Retreat feel in your home.  


Our go to partners for this style are Uniqwa Collections, The Papermill Studios, Bedtonic, Tribe Home, Karina Jambrak and Alisha Falconer Art.

Popular coastal interior materials are timbers, whites and textured items and Uniqwa Collections ethos revolves around using recycled and plantation woods in their furniture range to create unique and contemporary designs which just oozes coastal style. With the exotic influence of African culture integrated with contemporary flair, Uniqwa’s distinctive and inspiring pieces are a stunning addition to any room. The Strand four poster bed is our highest selling item on our store so we can vouch for style and quality as every customer has loved them.  We have recently also just had the Collins sofa delivered to a family in the NT for their media room! And Uniqwa's hanging chairs, these are constantly on pre-order as every shipment sells out prior to landing in Australia!  We are able to source items from the full Uniqwa collection (we don't show everything on our site). 

Texture under foot is also important! You don't want to feel the sand (or dirt if not actually by the beach) underfoot all day so adding floor rugs to your spaces allows you to add a little texture and comfort.  Floor rugs are also a great way to add a little boho appeal as many floor rugs have gorgeous patterns and colours which can add to the sense of fun. 

Another element where you can extend texture is with lighting options. The Papermill Studios are one of our favourites! Handmade raffia pendants by Emma Mills from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Her Haymarket pendant has been very popular with customers, with the fringing below the shade adding a boho appeal to any space.

Artwork & Bedding -  These are the perfect pieces where you can use the opportunity to break up the all - white spaces with colour.  Add pieces that provide character and a little colour whilst at the same time add to the relaxed coastal feel. Choose pieces that catch your eye and make you want to touch and feel them, that is always a good sign! Bedtonic are a great option for coastal bedding too as they are made from pure flax Linen! They have a selection of reversible duvet covers and sheet sets in a range of colours perfect for your coastal retreat, one pin stripe style is even called Marine ticking! Our go to for coastal style artwork are the gorgeous Karina Jambrak and Alisha Falconer art prints.  Karina's prints really bring the coastal feel indoors and if you love abstract art,  Alisha Falconer has prints of her artwork in a range of beautiful soft colour palettes.


Just like you don't have to live by the beach to have a coastal interior, you don't have to live on a farm to have a farmhouse interior!  Warm floorboards and high ceilings with wooden rafters helps, but aren't essential (insert smiley face).

The importance of a farmhouse feel is comfort, cosiness and charm.  Less minimalistic and more traditional with a sense of warmth and comfort, making you want to curl up with a book in front of the fire!  Common elements to look for in furniture if wanting to bring a sense of Farmhouse to your home is reclaimed wood, big comfortable pieces of furniture, leather and possibly vintage accessories with a hint of wrought iron.  

Our go to partners for this style are Pony Rider, Indigo Love Collectors, Oriel Lighting, Canvas & Sasson and Mustard Made.

Warmer neutral colours are usually suited to Farmhouse styling and we are big fans of Pony Rider for this.  Pony Rider loves the outdoors and have a surfy vibe which to me makes me think of sun, surf and fun (which means they would be great for your coastal retreat too), but they also have a real log cabin feel about their products and they have cushions and throws from aged canvas with mountain designs and stripe designs which tick the box for Farmhouse Styling. 

Wooden dining tables with bench seats, like the Montana range by Canvas and Sasson shown in the mood board are also a great option for this style as is caged slighting or factory style pendants shown! This adds the wrought iron feel to a space.  Another one of our favourites that we think would look perfect in a Farmhouse Styled home is Mustard Made lockers!  They come is some great warm colours and can be used in mudrooms, living rooms and bedrooms! The perfect addition to any home.


Who doesn't wish they lived in a hotel! Room service, bed made every day and they always have great showers! Ok, so the practicality of that is zero with a family, but that doesn't mean you can't style your home to look like one!

Boutique hotel styling is a little moodier.  Blacks, whites, marbles and brushed gold is what we have gone with here!  

A touch of luxury is also a must with this style.  Fabrics and textures play a special part in adding luxury.  A popular trend at the moment is Boucle fabric, which is made from a length of loops of similar size which makes it have tiny circlets of material, making it soft and luxurious when touched.  You can get most furniture pieces in Boucle at the moment just like the Globewest day bed and chair and McMullin and Co Bedhead featured in the moodboard. 

Black painted timber pieces are also a great way to add class.  Find a signature piece like this Globewest Console to be a feature and then style around it!  Marble and brushed gold or brass also add an element of class to any room, so finding a few pieces with these materials would be a great addition to this style.

Black and white prints with unusual imagery add a touch of mystery which to me says Boutique Hotel style.  Round glass drop pendants are also a great statement piece to have in your home as they ooze style and sophistication!

What ever your style whether it be coastal, farmhouse, boutique hotel or other, we can help you find what you need. The key to having a home that feels like a holiday home is buying quality pieces that will last. We work with many suppliers, some that aren't even listed on our website (like Globewest) so please feel free to contact us if you are looking for that something special, and we are more than happy to help you find it.