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Bed & Bath My Two Favourite Places .. Tips for a Stylish Bedroom & Bathroom.

March 11 2021 – Jayne Graham

If you asked my husband which rooms are my favourite in the house I can 100% guarantee he would say it would be 50/50 bedroom and bathroom!  I love a good sleep in and a bubble bath or  hot steamy shower!

I do love these two spaces in our house, but interestingly enough both need a good reno.  I have been talking about it for a while and like everyone else I am just waiting for the day my hubby says "go for it".  I can tell this will be soon as our ensuite toilet is having a problem filling up, our laundry storage is useless and our kids bathroom, well I couldn't tell you as I really don't like going in there!

So in readiness for my reno, I thought I would share the key styling tips for when I have a sparkly new bathroom and laundry! The best thing really about styling a bathroom is that you can make a big difference with a small amount of cash!

Our bedroom is already getting a few updates but I will share tips on bedrooms later in the blog.

Firstly some tips for when you style your Bathroom:

1. Purchase some quality body products that also look great.  These will work lovely in your shower recess, on a stool by your bath or just placed nicely on your vanity.  You don't want any clutter, so find items that are practical and look good.  You can also add a lovely vase or vessel too, but keep it minimal as bathrooms can look messy pretty quickly.

One body product we can't speak highly enough of is our Al.ive Duo Pack. Three gorgeous colours and fragrances and they are 100% natural products and even better, you can buy refills so you don't need to keep buying the bottles (even though they are recyclable).  These provide body wash and lotion - which I find so useful together!


 2. If you have the space add a stool to your bathroom and simply style it with your towel, candles, a book and bath products or a glass of wine whilst you enjoy bubbles (of both kinds!).  Natural timber stools suit most bathrooms and are durable in a room that may have moisture or the possibility of gettting wet accidentally. 


 3. Pick towels that suit your style.  Whether that is crisp white or colourful pom pom towels. I must admit I love a big fluffy towel so our Miss April Towels do the job just right.  Towels are also something you can change up if you feel like a change so you can change colour, texture or size (who doesn't love a bath sheet rather than towel right!)


4. Add some texture. This can be done in several ways, add a bathmat to the floor or artwork to the walls.  Artwork you say? Yes people do put artwork in their bathrooms and this is a great way to add personality or colour.


5. Add some greenery.  We did this recently and it brought life into our bathroom.  We used a Fiddle Leaf as I believe they are good for bathrooms - I will let you know how long it lasts as I am not the best green thumb.  Succulents are also great!


Styling a bathroom can be fun! These tips apply for all bathrooms, whether it is the ensuite, kids bathroom or guest room.  You can have fun and change up each of these elements depending on who is using the room!  

Now to the bedroom!

Before you do anything you need to decide on your bedroom style. Choose this and have it in the back of your mind as you apply all of the below tips. Have you always wanted that coastal dream or farmhouse cosiness.  Have a good think about it and then apply the below.

1. Pick a hero piece. Whether it be a feature bed, a piece of artwork or a duvet cover, as this can then set the colour palette or style to your room.

  Uniqwa Four Poster Strand Bed  

2. Remember the bedroom is mainly for sleeping so you want it to be cosy and calm, therefore choose colours for your throws and sheet sets that match your overall style but that aren't too bright and stimulating, unless of course you love colour and it doesn't effect your sleep!


3. Layer, Layer, Layer.  Surround yourself with textures and textiles. Again ensure they match your overall scheme. Throws, cushions, artwork, floor rugs and greenery. Again the best part is that you can change this up regularly if you feel the need for a refresh, which I do nearly every 4 months! eek!  We have a lovely selection of linen sheets by Bedtonic! If you haven't tried linen sheets you must, they are so cosy and perfect for all year round! Their circle stitch blankets are also perfect for the bottom of the bed ready for the cooler months.  If you love vintage inspired bedding however, check out our Lazybone Quilt and sheet sets! Just divine!


4. Practical, yet stylish bedroom furniture and lighting.  Once you have chosen your bed and style you can then think about bedside tables to match.  There are so many choices available these days, as with lighting.  If you want a more permanent bedroom style you can add pendant side lights (wired in by an electrician), but if you are like me and change up your bedroom all the time, bedside lamps are the way to go.  Again, ensure you think about your overall style and how these blend in with your new room.  We have a great range of bedside tables on our store and also lighting so check it out if you would like some more inspiration.  Another piece of furniture that can add a bit of difference to your room is a bedhead! These usually go with any ensemble but can make such a difference to the space if you want something a little different.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms are fun to style and can be done on any budget, you just need the creativity and know what style you are wanting to have in your home.  We hope these tips help you a little as you plan your styling.  Feel free to get in touch if you need any help! We love to style and shop!

Enjoy, Jayne x