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Styling Your Home? We Can Help Because I Have A Shopping Addiction And Need To Put It To Good Use!

March 25 2021 – Jayne Graham

Who loves to restyle their home constantly? I do? And that is really how I ended up owning Cranmore Home & Co.  I am a serial 'move furniture around home' kind of girl and I mean most months I have a change!  I also constantly buy new cushions and am a self confessed artwork fanatic and I just have a problem with shopping really.  So the best way to fix my issue was to buy a business in the homewares and furniture industry and help others shop instead of spending all my money on me! Well that was the idea anyway!

We don't have any pets, but you can call me the crazy cushion lady, I have too many and throws too! Maybe it is an addiction.  I must admit though since owning Cranmore Home & Co I have slowed down on my shopping sprees as I have been too busy helping others, so thank you!

I must admit too, one of the best things for my shopping addiction is to put it into good use with our Shop The Look service.  This means I can concentrate on shopping for our customers and not my home.

Do you find it hard looking everywhere for that perfect piece for  your home? Do you have multiple screens and websites up all the time trying to coordinate colours and textures? Well you can stop and just get in touch with us, as we are happy to do all the searching and shopping for you.  I also understand how little time we have in our busy lives with kids, work, partners, pets, in-laws, sport, uber driving (kids that is!) and then trying to find time for yourself, good luck!

One thing I can promise if shopping from Cranmore Home & Co, is that you will find only boutique brands which have been designed in Australia.  We can source from many brand partners, but our favourites are brands that are boutique and their items are designed in Australia with some even hand made here.

The other benefit of our Shop The Look Service, is that if you can't find what you are looking for on our website then we will continue the search via our other brand partners, that we don't always showcase on our website but have access to for our trade projects. So, if you cant find that particular pendant or sofa we may just know where to find it!

Our service is obligation free and we love to help.  It is super easy too as we just send through a few quick questions if it more that just a single item you are looking for, and then we can provide options or a quick moodboard to help start the search. Easy!

Our specialty is lighting, bedding, cushions and furniture from our style collections which are Coastal, Farmhouse, Contemporary and Vintage Inspired.  These are our favourite styles, but we can help source items for any style.


The best part of our service though, is that you can shop for many items from the one place and we will coordinate the delivery and any lead times there may be. Now that is pretty awesome! I know from experience how painful it can be shopping from different stores and trying to keep on top of when things will be delivered and all the different delivery fees, we will combine this all into the one price and contact point.

So if you are feeling like a change or are in the middle of renovating or have a holiday home you need to refresh, get in touch as we love to help.