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It's Getting Cooler Are You Ready? Our Top 5 Winter Warmers That Are Hard To Resist.

April 16 2021 – Jayne Graham

I put the fire on for the first time last night!  The day tricked us I think, as it was only 19 degrees so I put it on and wow did it warm up the house ... a little too much, or that could have just been my hot flushes, who knows!

What I have done this week however is turn off my overhead fan and added an extra layer to our bed, thank you Lazybones Trellis Quilt! I've also added to the kids beds too - my daughter has the Lazybones Rosette Quilt and my son has Bedtonic circle stitched quilt (pictured above in denim blue).  I know I may need to get the duvets out next. 

This is such a tricky time of year as it is cold one minute and warms up the next.  Anyway, what I guess I am trying to say is .. Are you ready for the cooler weather?  If not I just happen to know a place you can get all your bedding and rug needs all in one place! Oh and the other things you need are cosy bath towels (yes I love bath weather) and some bubble bath!  So, as I am the helpful shopper I thought I would put together our top 5 picks to warm you up this winter. 

Pick 1. Lazybones Bedding - Vintage Inspired Goodness.

We have restocked these beauties as they are super popular.  We have the white and tuscan pink in the rosette quilt and Trellis Loden (olive) in stock now! Available in queen and king.  These quilts offer the ultimate in cosy, relaxed bedding, whilst maintaining a stunning design. The 100% cotton jersey outer is filled with non-allergenic dacron and the weight is perfect over a sheet in Autumn and also over a duvet in Winter.  The stunning rosette design brings a little romance to the room and the loden quilt is perfect for the master as the colour and design is very unisex.  I have it on our bed and my hubby loves it.  He actually said to me "finally we have a bed that looks like you own a homewares store" ... rude, but true!


 Pick 2. Saarde Bath Towels - A little luxury for winter.

Bath sheets are a must in winter I believe.  There is nothing better than stepping out of a hot shower or bath and wrapping up in a big bath towel.  My son still loves me grabbing the towel and wrapping him in it with a hug (yes he is 12!), but I can remember my mum doing this and loved it too!  Maybe I need to get hubby to do this to me everytime I get out of the shower.  Pushing the relationship a little I think!  I digress ... Saardes' beautifully soft and absorbent Nurture Collection has a honeycomb weave and fringed detailing that will stand out in any bathroom. Perfect for any season - super cosy for winter, and breathable in the summer. The Vintage Wash range is also a beautifully stonewashed Turkish Cotton range with a vintage look, that is both relaxed and comfortable. The stone washing process softens the cotton fibres and increases the fabric's flexibility. Flat woven on one side, with a short terry weave on the other. Super cosy! Talking cosy their bathrobe is pretty awesome too, we only have one left though as I couldn't help myself and kept one for product testing ... he he!

TOWEL | Vintage Wash Bath Sheet Olive by SaardeTOWEL | Nurture Clay by Saarde

Pick 3. Tribe Home Floor Rugs - For the cold floor boards, or just to look amazing!

Ok so the Tribe Home Floor Rugs aren't just for winter, but they are one of our favourite floor rug brands.  The diversity of the designs and weaves combined with affordable pricing makes them a little hard to resist.  Textured rugs, flat weave and one off vintage rugs are what makes Tribe Home unique. All of these rugs are hand made and they really do become a perfect piece that can complete your dream home.  Whether it is for by the bed to keep your feet warm in winter, in the living room to provide a central hero piece or just a runner for the hallway, we are able to source all of Tribe Homes collection.  

FLOOR RUG | cesar weave in grey + ivory by tribe home
FLOOR RUG | cesar design in ivory by tribe home

Pick 4. Al.ive Body Wash - perfect as bubble bath.

I have included the Al.ive body wash in my Winter Warmers and I love a bath and this wash produces awesome bubbles in the bath.  Not only does it smell amazing, it looks great too in the design focused packaging!  The duo pack also provides the body lotion which placed right next to the wash makes your after bath care even easier.  You never have an excuse not to moisturise!  The added bonus is that the Al.ive Body products are 100% natural and even come in a baby wash which you could use in your bath with bub! Awww those were the days when I shared my bath with my little ones!  They have long gone now! It's just me and the bubbles and book and candles...

DUO PACK | Fig, Apricot and Sage by al.ive body

Pick 5. Bedtonic Circle Blankets and Duvet Sets - layering goodness.

Now I know I have already showcased some bedding but, Bedtonic have some bespoke blankets I have to share with you and their linen bedding is magic!  All of Bedtonics bedding has been soft washed making it luxuriously soft from your first sleep. It will not only feel amazing to sleep in, it will add a laid back sophistication to your bedroom with it's understated elegance. I am also slightly biased as it is designed here in WA.   The circle blankets are a medium weight and are made to last many winters over and over again! 

Bedtonic Circle Blankets and Duvet Sets
Bedtonic Circle Blankets and Duvet Sets

Pick 6. OHH Happy Home Floor Rugs - because they are washable and super soft underfoot.

Ok so I know I said top 5, but I couldn't not talk about the OHH Washable rug range! Mainly because they are perfect for kids rooms and rooms with high traffic.  They fit most 8kg domestic washing machines, how good is that!  They are also perfect if your kids have allergies, and they are chemical free, not to mention also Goodweave accredited!  These gorgeous rugs are also ideal in the nursery, especially if you are getting up to feed every few hours during the night in the cold! They are so soft and any spillage or marks can be washed off!

FLOOR RUG | Cotton Berber - Nomad Desert Natural by OHH
FLOOR RUG | Cotton Berber - Nomad Desert Peach by OHH
FLOOR RUG | Cotton Berber - Going Dotty Black Round by OHH

Well I could actually keep going with a top 20, but I do actually want you to read these blogs! So I hope you enjoyed this winter warmer blog and hope you have a lovely cosy spot in your home to snuggle up with a coffee and read a book and enjoy the cooler months.

Thanks for reading, Jayne x