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Keeping Cosy As We Isolate - Stay Warm Underfoot, Snuggled In Bed and Comfy Watching TV

April 08 2020 – Jayne Graham

Yes, we are all doing it! Isolation at home!  To be honest it really takes some getting used to doesn't it! What it has made me realise, however, is that even though I own a homewares and furniture business (which you would think means I am styled to the max.. which I’m not) I think I need to make some changes at home.  

The seasons are changing so why not I say! Especially too now that I have a new Pony Rider collection arriving!  STOP Jayne! These are for your customers!  Anyway, as I was saying ..... new season, chillier nights, time to get cosy! So I thought I would provide a quick snapshot on our Rug, Bedding and Bathroom collections just in case you needed anything this Autumn to get ready for the cooler months!

Staying Warm Under Foot.

So you may have seen our other blog on Ohh Rugs?  If not go and check it out! But one of the best things to get ready for cooler nights is having a rug underfoot, especially if you have hardwood floors!  The Ohh Collection is gorgeous especially if you love boho, tribal or coastal styles as the colour palettes work really nicely with neutral tones.  My favourite, however, is the Cotton Berber Going Dotty rugs - they are washable and so soft underfoot! Fantastic for kids bedrooms.


If you are after a more classic rug made from silk, wool or cotton blends then you should check out our Tribe Home Collection.  These are great statement rugs for in your living room or bedroom! And talking statement rugs, if you love floral then you will love our new round Romance collection from The Rug Collection.


We have a selection of rugs in all different designs, styles, colours and sizes!

Snuggled In Bed.

Now, this has to be one of my most favourite places on earth - BED. I could actually be isolated here for a long time. There also isn't anything much better than falling into new clean sheets with a cosy duvet and a warm cup of coffee.  My son brings me a coffee most mornings (made by hubby) which is such a treat and I really do treasure it! We currently have Bedtonic sheets on our bed.  They are 100% flax linen and just amazing! I hadn't used linen sheets before and now I would find it hard to swap back.  They have been the perfect weight throughout summer and I have been told they are just as great for winter.  Bedtonic have a lovely range of colours and their duvet sets have reversible covers (ie. two different colours) and the colour combos are devine. 


If you love having a pretty room, then you definitely cant go past Lazybones bedding.  We have their Rosette Quilt collection and it really is stunning. I am very tempted to put one on my daughter's bed this winter! So you better be quick if you like Indigo! I would classify this collection as a little bit vintage with a twist of romance. The rosette design just adds an element of texture that I haven't seen on other bedding. They are super soft and cosy too!


So talking bedding and cosiness you must check out our Pony Rider Sheltered Collection.  Pony Rider was one of the first brands I ever fell in love with even before I owned Cranmore Home & Co.  Again, it might be the boho lover in me, but the adventurous values and nature-inspired feel to the design really attracted me to their products. They are super stylish yet really down to earth.  I think I also love the fact that they are limited edition collections and they only make small batches of each design which keeps their overall collections fresh and exciting.  They have a lovely eye for design and fabric used. Stripes, river bends and moons are the inspiration behind the Sheltered collection. Stonewashed canvas plays a big part in this new collection. You wouldn't normally think canvas would be cosy but the organic canvas collection Pony Rider have designed is just super soft!  They have been placing many orders with boutique hotels and holiday homes, which says it all!  A little bit of earthy luxury!


Their blankets and throws are also very classic in design, but again have a real homey appeal to them. Light enough to have on your bed all year round, but also perfect for that extra bit of warmth when snuggled up on the couch!


Other Winter Warmers

So when I think winter I imagine warm showers and now and again, ok nearly every second night during winter, soaking in a lovely hot bath! And I love to have candles burning, a big soft towel to rug up in afterwards and also some sweet-smelling body wash to make me sleep like a baby. So that is why I added to our range of homewares some new items this year. Again, I seem to be buying for me, but I truly think that I am not the only one that likes a little bit of luxury when at home, especially if we are going to be home for a while! We recently added Al.ive body products to our collection and they have been so popular.  Not only do they look good but smell delicious!


Talking smelling delicious our Beach Street Collection Candles are the perfect partner to have when in the bath!  You will be transported to the Bahamas or Tahiti as the tropical fragrances are so soothing you will think you were sitting under a frangipani tree on the beach! Perfect for if you hate the cold. They are handmade from 100% soy and last 60hrs so your fingers will definitely get wrinkly before the candle burns out!


And for that big fluffy towel, go no further than our Miss April Pom Pom towels.  They are Turkish cotton and come if a great selection of colours. Super snuggly too, I can validate this as we have them in our ensuite ... whoops!


Last Thing to Keep You Cosy

Hot Coffee! Hot Chocolate or tea... we all love a hot drink in cooler weather, or all year round really.  So before we couldn't use keep ups at cafes due to this crazy virus we sourced some beautiful keep cups from Indigo Love Collective. They are just the perfect size and are just as great on your desk at home as it would be on your desk at work.



So I hope you are inspired by some of these gorgeous things to either treat yourself or to help you get creative at home.  We know it is crazy times and just hope that everyone is keeping well.  Especially as it does get cooler, you want to be ready for those darker days and colder nights!

Stay safe and well x