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Top 15 Spring Interior Design Inspirations 2019

October 29 2019 – Jayne

Between the months of September and November, spring will be in the air in most of Australia. People may anticipate both a dry season and a wet season during this period, but temperatures will be generally milder and more pleasant compared to the extremes throughout the rest of the year. It is also the perfect time to revel in the spring holidays and enjoy the great outdoors. Outside, native trees, fruits, and flowers will be blooming in local gardens and fields, puncturing the landscape with striking colours and textures. A little farther away from their homes, holidaymakers will be embarking on their own personal adventures to the beach, the mountains, and the outback—eager to make wonderful new memories. 

But this isn’t to say that the magic of spring can only be found outdoors. It is just as easy to evoke the spirit of springtide inside your own home, with a few updates to your home’s interior design and a whole lot of creative inspiration!

Inspired by the latest interior design trends and the splendid aesthetics of Uniqwa furniture pieces, we at Cranmore Home and Co. have come up with this list of interior design schemes to implement in your home this spring. We hope that you’ll keep some of these tips in mind when you shop for new homeware online and prepare your abode for the season.

1. Resort Style

Serengeti Arm Chair

Why It’s In: Don’t have the time to travel to an exotic destination this spring? That’s okay, as you can bring the luxury and indulgence of a dream holiday right into your home, and replicate the vibe of a five-star resort or an exceptional boutique hotel. This will make your home the perfect location for entertaining guests during your springtime brunches and tête-à-têtes. But even if you don’t feel like welcoming guests into your household, the resort-style atmosphere will do you well: it will help you relax, unwind, and rest up for the busy activities of spring and summer.

What to Decorate With: For a simple furniture addition that is sure to impress, there’s Uniqwa's Serengeti armchair. It is made of tan leather, and it looks like a styled-up version of the folding chairs you’d use at the beach or on a safari. You can lay a few of them out in your patio or in front of your home garden so that you and your guests can do some leisurely lounging to your heart’s content.

2. Raw Timber Look

Natural Timber Coffee Table

Why It’s In: The natural wood look will make you remember what’s good for the environment, but can also serve as a design inspiration for your home. This spring, you can pay homage to the gifts of Mother Nature—as well as to the rising sustainability movement—by decorating your home with accents of raw timber.

What to Decorate With: This natural timber coffee table, fashioned out of a teak root cross-section, wouldn’t be out of place in a forest brimming with the bounties of springtide. It would make for an excellent addition to your home’s living room, as it will make your guests feel like they are communing with nature.

3. Woven Look

Zolo Woven Daybed

Why It’s In: Your home will look all the more ready for springtime if decorated with woven items, such as baskets, tapestries, and even small pieces of furniture. The woven fabric motif perfectly complements fresh flowers, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and other natural elements that you’d do well to emphasise this season.

What to Decorate With: One remarkable piece that can show off the basket-weave aesthetic is this Zulu woven daybed by Uniqwa. It can be placed in one of your home’s common areas or near the pool, so that you and your guests can enjoy some leisurely reclining before a refreshing swim.

4. Pastel Colours

Why It’s In: The use of pastels, or delicate and creamy pigments, is one of the most widely cited interior design trends of 2018 and 2019. Pastel colours will likely remain a la mode in the succeeding years, thanks to their adaptability and visual appeal. Pastel is also a colour range that is very reminiscent of Australian spring. After all, it can be seen in the shade of cantaloupe melons, carnation flowers, the immaculate blue sky, and living coral—2019’s Pantone Colour of the Year.

What to Decorate With: Brighten up your interior spaces with pastel cushions, tablecloths, or sheets and curtains on a French oak four-poster bed. The delicate, but sumptuous pops of colour will be very pleasing to the eye, reminding you of spring even in the most remote corners of your home.

5. Open Shelves and Tables

Console in solid oak

Why It’s In: If you’ve seen open shelf and open table schemes in celebrity kitchens, hip co-working spaces, or showrooms, you should know that there’s a good reason behind their popularity. Open shelves and tables will make any interior space seem spotless and neat. Moreover, such a design scheme is a breeze to maintain. You might also be inspired to do more cooking, cleaning, or organising with an open shelf and table arrangement, thereby making your more productive this spring. 

What to Decorate With: This console in solid oak is a good choice for a study space or for individual rooms. It will be easy to match this with open shelves, modular cabinets, and other furniture pieces that will appear in the house’s common area or kitchen.

6. Geometric Look

Crabo design coffee table

Why It’s In: Grids, edges, and pronounced curves are very much in fashion this year. That’s because geometric elements like these will make your home appear modern, elegant, and dynamic. They’ll also serve as a lovely contrast to the natural shapes in the setting, such as those of your houseplants.

What to Decorate With: Few thing will showcase the appeal of the geometric look better than this Crabo design coffee table by Uniqwa. Decorate it with books, a vase, or a basket of fruits.

7. Minimalist and Mindful

Kalama design coffee table

Why It’s In: Thanks to pop culture icons like Marie Kondo, it looks like the twin design philosophies of minimalism and mindfulness are here to stay until the next few years. Many Australians can agree that “less is more,” and that fewer items can bring out the inner beauty of a house. A minimalist and mindful approach to furnishing your home this season will also bolster your health; you can bring in lots of fresh air and natural light, which are good for your body and your psyche.

What to Decorate With: The simplest form can lead to optimum function, as demonstrated by this Uniqwa Kalama design coffee table. Populate your home with other simple, yet high-quality furnishings to highlight free space and encourage ease of movement.

8. Single-Colour Motifs

Makeba hanging chair

Why It’s In: The trend of single-colour motifs figured in some award-winning entries at the 2018 Australian Interior Design Awards. If there’s something to be learned from the winning designers, it’s that a lot of creativity and depth can be achieved from a single colour range, such as hues of white, grey, or beige. You can emulate Australia’s top interior designers by doing the same thing: choosing furniture of the same colour but of different hues or shades—and then distributing the pieces all throughout your home.

What to Decorate With: Uniqwa’s Makeba hanging chair in a natural wood colour will complement single-colour motifs of mustard, woodsy browns, or burnt orange. Such an arrangement will also evoke both airiness during the dry season and warmth during the wet season.

9. Terrazzo Flooring

Harbour design chairs

Why It’s In: Industry experts have predicted a comeback for terrazzo-style flooring, which has a signature spotted look. Terrazzo is also known as a light and adaptable flooring scheme, and can be treated by a home improvement contractor to be slip-free. The mosaic-like tiles will add an artsy and textured touch to your flooring, which are a joy to match tables and chairs with.

What to Decorate With: You can keep the focus on the terrazzo flooring and get complementary, but equally classy furniture pieces for it, like these harbour design chairs. Together, they will look like something out of your dream spring holiday destination, like Venice or Istanbul.

10. Statement Ceilings

Lili round pendant lights

Why It’s In: Vogue Australia’s list of interior trends from last year put the spotlight on statement ceilings, from interesting ceiling shapes to bold and adventurous lighting fixtures. It may be a good idea to do the same and draw attention to the “fifth wall” of your home—furnishing it as smartly and thoughtfully as you would the other four!

What to Decorate With: All eyes will be on your ceiling if you furnish it with Uniqwa’s Lili round pendant lights. Use exciting set pieces like these to draw your guests’ attention upwards, just like how you’d want to look up at the spring sky.

11. Bouclé-Inspired

Occasional chair in Arniston design

Why It’s In: Bouclé is a French word denoting a stringy or yarn-woven pattern. When incorporated into your spring furniture ensemble, the bouclé look will imbue your space with cosy and nautical feel, akin to what you’d see in a classy yacht club. It’s a great way to make you feel closer to Australia’s balmy coasts, even if the nearest beach is miles away!

What to Decorate With: One piece of furniture that perfectly fits into the bouclé scheme is Uniqwa’s occasional chair in Arniston design. The cross-webbed white rope construction of this chair will match handsomely with the carpeting, woven tableware, or tapestries that you’ve brought out for the season.

12. Curvy, Caved, and Scalloped Elements

Dome-shaped Lolesa pendant

Why It’s In: Straight lines and boxy corners aren’t the only things you can experiment with for your home’s interiors. For some much-needed visual variety in your living spaces, opt for furnishings that are scalloped, caved, or curvy in shape. They will give your home that touch of whimsy and vibrancy you are hoping to have for Spring.

What to Decorate With: Don’t limit the curves to your home’s sofas, tables, or chairs—go the extra mile by changing up your lighting fixtures as well. For instance, check out this dome-shaped Lolesa pendant from Uniqwa. The abaca webbing lends the light shade a lot of texture as well as shape!

13. Passementerie

Juba-design swing in teak

Why It’s In: Another French word that’s likely to catch on this springtime is passementerie, or the use of braids, tassels, and fringes. These artful string accents can help you evoke a spring holiday in an island guesthouse or a Bohemian café.

What to Decorate With: Feeling playful about your design choices? You can add a bit of fun to your garden or patio space with this Juba-design swing in teak by Uniqwa. Not only does the swing fit the passementerie scheme, it will be a pleasure for both children and adults to use.

14. Classic Rustic Feel

Side table

Why It’s In: If what you want in your home is the exclusive feel of a country lodge—where a family might hike to or go camping at during spring—it is very easy to do so by adding more hardy, textured wood into your living spaces. This way, you’ll be able to achieve either a cabin-in-the-woods look, or a look mirroring the old inland settlements of New South Wales.

What to Decorate With: Uniqwa’s Klop side table is a small and adaptable piece of furniture that can also double as a stool. You can position one in the living room, in the bathroom, or in one of the spaces you’ll use for outdoor entertainment.

15. Fully Outfitted Outdoor Lounge

Signature Congo-designed armchairs

Why It’s In: Speaking of the outdoors, who says that your home’s open-air spaces deserve less attention than its indoors? Make good use of the breezy, consistent weather of Australian spring and furnish your deck to function like an outdoor room—sort of like an extension of your indoors. Here, you can dine alfresco, play a leisurely game of poker or bridge with your mates, or watch a movie with your family with a simple home theatre setup.

What to Decorate With: To move the comforts of inside lounging to the outside, you’ll want the right furniture. One such piece that goes as well outdoors as it does indoors is Uniqwa’s signature Congo-designed armchairs. You will only need to position it on dry, even flooring. 

The Australian spring season signifies rebirth, blossoming, and renewal. Take our advice and bring these ideas into your own home by incorporating our offerings from Uniqwa Furniture. Do things a little differently from how you usually would, and highlight the cornerstones of spring in your interior design!